General scheme of RZD JSCo network development 

The elaboration of the general scheme for the long-term development and siting of railway transport facilities is one of the most important tasks performed by IEDT JSC and the main fundamental area of work of the institute.

The general scheme is a system of measures aimed at resolving the issues of organization on a scientific basis and using of resources in various sectors of the economy to ensure their effective long-term development. The general scheme is developed by IEDT JSC on the basis of strategic planning documents of the Russian Federation in the field of federal transportation. It is one of the key documents defining the scope and parameters of the long-term development of rail transport, investment needs, tasks for upgrading the infrastructure, improving equipment and technology, and implementing investment projects.

IEDT JSC has been currently digitalizing the process of elaboration of the General Scheme of Railway Development. The corresponding automated system is one of the main strategic directions for long-term planning the optimal development of the railway infrastructure.

This area includes the following activities:

  • analysis of existing and estimation of prospective dimensions of freight and passenger train traffic
  • determining the prospects for the development of high-speed and ultra-high-speed passenger transportation on the Russian Railways network
  • determination of “bottlenecks” on sections of the railroad network
  • identification of the main activities to improve the throughput capacity of the railway infrastructure
  • development of proposals for the re-distribution of freight train traffic
  • determination of the main target performance indicators of the RZD JSCo network
  • determination of the required fleet of traction rolling stock
  •  assessment of the required total investments
  • assessment of commercial and macroeconomic efficiency
  • multiple estimates of the development of the railroad network of RZD JSCo