Scientific and methodological research and development

Preparation and improvement of methodological recommendations in terms of forecasting prospective freight and passenger traffic, substantiating the needs in development of transportation resources, transport and related infrastructure, assessing the commercial efficiency of projects, etc.

Tasks are solved by IEDT JSC within the framework of activities under the plans of research and technical development, with the development and updating methodological recommendations and methods, regulatory documents, and information databases.

Project portfolio:

Methods of classification and specialization of railway lines of RZD JSCo (approved by Order of RZD JSCo No. 3048r dd. 23/12/2015)

Methodology for determining the carriage and traffic capacity of public railway transportation infrastructure (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 266 dd 18/07/2018; partial participation of IEDT JSC)

Methods of assessment of social and economic effects from the transport infrastructure facility construction (re-construction) and operation projects (approved by Decree No. 1512 of the Government of the Russian Federation dd 26/11/2019; partial involvement of IEDT JSC)

Methods for estimation of the maximum amount of freight turnover on the network of RZD JSCo (approved by Order of RZD JSCo No. 2717/r dd 18/12/2018)

A Guideline for the Estimation of Carriage and Traffic Capacity of RZD JSCo Railroads (approved by the order of RZD JSCo No. 545r dd 04/03/2022), developed by IEDT JSC in cooperation with JSC VNIIZhT and JSC NIIAS

Comparative analysis of comprehensive plans for the development of the railway and road modes of transportation in the long term with an assessment of their alignment and optimality of development in terms of costs and benefits