Support of projects of a comprehensive plan for upgrading and expanding of the mainline infrastructure

The most important area of activity of the institute is the elaboration and information and analytical support of individual investment projects included in the Transport Section of the comprehensive plan for the upgrading and expansion of the mainline infrastructure for the period of up to 2024

This area includes the following activities:

  • Verifications of the prospective freight base
  • Updating technical and economic indicators
  • Preparation of supporting materials in accordance with the requirements of federal executive bodies for the ranking of projects with the elaboration of conclusions about the reliability of estimates performed
  • Assessment of socio-economic effects, etc.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the results of federal projects

The work results are used in determining and adjusting the main technical and economic parameters of sub-projects and capital construction facilities, monitoring compliance with the terms and costs of design specifications and estimates, implementation of sub-projects and capital construction facilities.

Project portfolio: