Development of complex projects for the creation of new railway infrastructure facilities

IEDT JSC develops integrated projects to create new railway infrastructure facilities in the Russian Federation.

This area includes the following activities:

  • Development of the layout of new railway lines, with account to the terrain, specified gradients, required carrying capacity, availability of industrial and civil infrastructure, specifics of the siting of existing and future hubs and port stations
  • Development of a long-term forecast of freight traffic on prospective railway lines
  • Determination of the main engineering and process parameters of the operation of new railway infrastructure facilities
  • Pre-project studies and assessments of the performance of existing and prospective ports, transport and logistics centers (TLCs) located in the area of interest of prospective railway lines
  • Development of a scheme of prospective traction service for trains and estimates of the need for freight and passenger locomotives to ensure transportation on prospective railway lines
  • Study of the impact of prospective railway infrastructure facilities on the existing network of RZD JSCo and determining the required measures for developing of the existing infrastructure to pass additional freight volume
  • Assessment of the amount of investment needed to implement new complex projects
  • Assessment of commercial efficiency indicators and the social and economic effects generated by the implementation of new integrated projects

Project portfolio