Personnel policy

Today ITED is a brand, a railway quality mark.
Over its long history, the main value of the institute is people who are professionals in their field.

The development of new competencies and the growing needs for the development of the transport infrastructure of our country contribute to the expansion of the personnel potential of JSC "ITED". The Institute is interested in attracting competent, ambitious and young specialists. Our team has a Mentoring Institute, through which young personnel learn from their elder colleagues.

Working in our company, you gain stability and get the opportunity for career growth.

Scientific and personnel potential

JSC "ITED" is focused on the development of own team researchers aimed at successfully solving the multidimensional problems of long-term development of the transport sector and its impact on the country's economy, automation of processes in railway transport, etc.

Taking into consideration the competencies and specifics of the tasks being solved at the Institute, the most in demand are specialists with research experience and academic degrees in the following scientific specialties:

  • Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software packages
  • Management of transportation processes
  • Logistics transport systems
  • Global economy
  • Regional and sectoral economy 

Union activities

The whole world is in the stage of global transformation, the Russian economy is moving into a qualitatively new state.

In this situation, the unity of like-minded professionals is the key to successful and productive work of the team. The role of trade unions is becoming more significant. Consolidation of the labor collective, creation of an atmosphere of cooperation, partnership, unity of professional aspirations and service to the Motherland – these are the main current tasks of the trade union.

The primary trade union organization of JSC "ITED" (PPO) as part of the Russian Professional Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders (ROSPROFZHEL) unites employees of the Institute in its ranks. Cultural and sports events are organized, subscriptions to fitness clubs are purchased. The trade union pays special attention to the children of the institute's employees. In addition, a weekend vacation is periodically organized for everyone.

Members of the Institute's union actively participate in guided tours and trips organized by the trade union, their list is constantly being updated and expanded. The activity of the trade union organization is aimed at improving working conditions, at representing and protecting the socio-labor and related economic rights and interests of the members of the PPO.

Youth policy

Youth of ITED

Communication platform for the youth of JSC "ITED" molodezh_iert

Currently, a Youth Council is being formed in JSC "ITED", the purpose of which is to help in solving issues appearing from young specialists and comprehensive development.

The youth team of the Institute's employees regularly participates in table tennis, darts, sports contests and intellectual games held for employees of the Russian Railways holding.

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