Academic Board Meeting

On May 18, 2023, the Academic Board held a meeting at IEDT JSC dedicated to the issues of prospects for the development of railway communications and economic aspects of the logistics of container transportation.

The meeting was attended by scientific partners of IEDT JSC from Russian University of Transport (MIIT) (PhD in Economics Sokolov Y.I., PhD in Economics Podsorin V.A., Cand. Econ. Sc. Danilina M.G.).

At the meeting, A.A. Zamkovoy, Cand. Econ. Sc., Deputy Director General of IEDT JSC presented a report on "Development prospects of rail freight transportation along the North-South ITC in new economic conditions".  

A report on possible alternative solutions for constructing approaches to the Ust-Luga seaport was presented by a scientific team from PGUPS (P.K. Rybin, Cand. of Eng. Sc., Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Relations with Production, and Chetchuev M.V., Cand. of Eng. Sc., Associate Professor of "Railway Stations and Junctions" Department).

The results and approaches to the development of the author’s research “Formation of an economic mechanism for the sustainable development of container logistics using multi-rate cost tools” were reflected in report by M.V. Dunaev, senior lecturer at the IEF RUT (MIIT).

А meaningful discussion and exchange of views regarding presented reports were held on among members of the Academic Council.