Academic Board Meeting

On November 30, 2023, the Academic Board of IEDT JSC held a meeting dedicated to the issues of development of methodological approaches and practices for assessing the macroeconomic efficiency of transport projects.

At the meeting, A.D. Rozhkov, Cand. Econ. Sc., Deputy Head of Investment Program Monitoring and Financial Modeling Center of IEDT JSC presented a report on "Practice of assessing the macroeconomic efficiency of railway infrastructure projects, development vectors".  

A report on macroeconomic assessment of the infrastructure factor for ensuring railway transportation was presented by A.D. Razuvaev, Cand. Econ. Sc., Associate Professor, Transport Infrastructure Economics and Construction Business Management Department, Institute of Economics and Finance, RUT (MIIT).

The results of the author’s research “Development of a system of state support for inland water transport in Russian regions” were reflected in report by A.N. Matsuev, Cand. Econ. Sc., FAU "Unified Research and Design Institute of Spatial Planning of the Russian Federation".

А meaningful discussion and exchange of views regarding presented reports were held on among members of the Academic Council.