Agreement between RZD JSCo and Russian Academy of Sciences

On May 19, 2023, after bilateral meeting in Russian Academy of Sciences an agreement between RZD JSCo and Russian Academy of Sciences was signed.

I.G. Magnushevskaya, Director General of IETD JSC, took part in a RZD JSCo delegation.

The main areas of cooperation have been identified, including:

  • integration of fundamental and applied science in order to create innovative technologies and technical means of railway transport, corresponding to the world level, and their promotion to Russian and foreign markets;

  • stimulation of innovative processes aimed at improving the efficiency of RZD JSCo;

  • promoting the development of railway science and the practical implementation of scientific knowledge and developments in the areas of RZD JSCo activity;

  • consolidation of resources in the field of science and technology in priority areas;

  • scientific, methodological and advisory interaction.

As priority issues of interaction between RZD JSCo and the Russian Academy of Sciences, areas have been identified that provide for increasing the level of safety of the transport system, labor productivity and energy efficiency, reducing the negative impact on the environment, ensuring the availability and quality of transport and logistics services in the field of freight traffic at the level of growing development needs of the country's economy and transport services.

Photo: Russian Academy of Sciences