Article published in "Rail Transport" journal

August issue of "Rail Transport" journal published an article "IEDT JSC and RZD JSCo - 20 years of fruitful cooperation" by I.G. Magnushevskaya, Director General, IEDT JSC.

The publication presents the most significant research and development in the field of economics and strategic development of railway transport, carried out by IEDT JSC for RZD JSCo since the beginning of the 21st century, in the following areas:

  • Strategic development of railway transport
  • A forecast of future passenger and cargo traffic volume
  • Automation of the development and use of transportation resources, development and support of software
  • Expert evaluation and efficiency assessment of the investment projects
  • Development of industry regulatory documents.

In the article, I.G. Magnushevskaya, Director General, IEDT JSC, thanked fellow railway workers for strengthening cooperation and congratulated the RZD holding on the 20th anniversary.