Happy New Year 2024!

The difficult year 2023 is fading into history. Our team has made it eventful and effective. There were many difficult tasks, there were many difficult situations. But a team turns into a team precisely when goals become common, difficulties are overcome together, and something that was impossible becomes the basis for further development and the formation of a growth area.

The contribution we have made and are continuing to make to the country's transport system development is highly appreciated by society. I want to thank every employee and veteran of the institute for their contribution to our common cause!

As we celebrate the New Year 2024, I sincerely wish everyone success, an active life position, professional growth, interesting events, and personally for everyone, health, happiness, love, comfort in their homes, and the fulfillment of desires! Don’t stop in your plans and dreams, because without them there will be no pleasure from your own achievements or pleasant surprises. Let the coming changes be only for the better, the news only good, and the impressions bright! Peace and stability!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

I.G. Magnushevskaya
Director General of IEDT JSC