VNIIZhT table-tennis open tournament

On May 13, 2023, the table-tennis open tournament was held at VNIIZhT. The tournament was attended by 31 players from RZD JSCo departments and the research industrial complex of Russian Railways, SUE "Moscow Metro", Transelectroproekt etc.

IEDT JSC was represented by A.V.Barbashev, T.O.Volokitin, K.A.Isheev, O.V.Pavlova, V.V.Porosov, S.V.Sekushin. The tournament was held in three categories: men under 35, men over 35 and women. All our athletes performed very well!

In a bitter struggle, the 2nd place in the “women” category was taken by the Head of Department for modeling promising cargo flows, Olga Pavlova. Congratulations to Olga, we are very proud of her!