Article published in "Kommersant" journal

«Kommersant» journal published an article «Promising network development projects» by I.G. Magnushevskaya, Director General, IEDT JSC.

The material discusses both the issues of modernizing the existing railway infrastructure (Eastern range, approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea and North-Western basins), and the proposed construction of new lines:

  • construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway Obskaya – Salekhard – Nadym – Pangody – Novy Urengoy – Korotchaevo and railway approaches to it;

  • construction of railway approaches to the ports of the Northern Sea Route with the construction of the Belkomur lines (Arkhangelsk - Syktyvkar - Solikamsk), Polunochnoe - Obskaya (Ural Industrial - Ural Polar), Sosnogorsk - Indiga, as well as the Transpolar Railway (Korotchaevo - Russkoe - Igarka - Norilsk - Dudinka);

  • construction of the North Siberian Railway (Nizhnevartovsk – Bely Yar – Ust-Ilimsk) resources, and more.

With the implementation of current initiatives to expand the railway network by 2035, its length could increase by 8 thousand km of new lines and by 38 thousand km by 2050.

The full text of the article can be found on the website of Kommersant.