Efficiency instruments

The Astrakhan center for organizing the work of railway stations, with its existing staff, is ready to organize the process in such a way as to fulfill the specified volumes in a timely manner. Even taking into account the growth in cargo traffic to 30%, expected according to the forecast of the Institute for Transport Economics and Development in 2030–2035.

The railway infrastructure of the Astrakhan region port area of the Privolzhsk Railway is represented by the stations Pravy Bereg, Trusovo, Novolesnaya, Kutum and Port Olya. They provide transshipment of cargo arriving by water, although not all are directly adjacent to ports. Since the beginning of the year, at these stations there has been an increase in loading and unloading in the range from 5 to 20% compared to the level of 2022.

Depending on the volume of cargo work, the port stations of the Astrakhan territorial administration of the PrivZhD operate around the clock, in daytime mode or on call. Thus, the staff of the Port Olya station works using a call system. The station and the sea trade port of the same name, involved in the Trans-Caspian route of the North-South ITC, operate as a joint complex. In 2004, the seaport was connected to the railway network by a 50-kilometer line from Yandyki to Port Olya. Railway workers in the Astrakhan region are ready for increased traffic.

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