Passenger traffic in the Novosibirsk agglomeration
could almost triple in 2030 due to an increase in the movement of electric trains

IEDT has prepared a forecast plan for the development of passenger transportation in suburban-urban traffic using Lastochka-type trains. The directions considered were Inya-Vostochnaya – Berdsk, Pashino – Chemskoy, Novosibirsk-Glavny – Tolmachevo Airport.

About 19 million people can be transported by rail in 2030, and 23 million in 2035 by attracting passengers from other modes of transport and increasing the volume of passenger traffic through Tolmachevo Airport.

In addition to the acquisition of electric trains, 8 new stopping points are to be built at the Novosibirsk railway junction: Pashino, Klyukvenny, University, Prigorodny Prostor, Chistaya Sloboda, Kleschikha, Chemskoy, Airport Tolmachevo.

The prospective volume of traffic by 2035 is estimated at 88 pairs of trains per day (the service interval will be up to 20 minutes during peak hours), including route Inya-Vostochnaya – Berdsk - 40 pairs, Pashino – Chemskoy - 24 pairs, Novosibirsk-Gl. – Tolmachevo Airport - 24 pairs.

Source: РЖД-Партнер.

Photo: Kirill Khafizov